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Gaia 133 Servicing & Repairs

We provide dedicated servicing and maintenance for Gaia 133 wind turbines. Regular servicing is essential to keep your Gaia 133 in good working order and operating efficiently. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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  • Servicing & Maintenance

    Annual servicing from £450 - keep your Gaia 133 running at optimal efficiency. We provide annual servicing & maintenance to keep your investment in tip-top shape.

  • Locations We Cover

    We can provide servicing for customers throughout the UK. Our base is Northallerton, North Yorkshire.

  • Upgrades

    Generator upgrades and foundation bolt updates in line with Gaia service bulletin recommendations. We can also perform ultrasonic bolt testing.

Gaia 133 servcing with Walton Wind
The Walton Wind team servicing a Gaia 133

Gaia 133 11kW Wind Turbine

The Gaia-Wind 133 is a small wind turbine suited to farms, rural properties, businesses, and community projects. The Gaia-Wind 133-11kW wind turbine has a very large swept area of 133m² which is considerably bigger than many other small wind turbines on the market. The Gaia-Wind 133 is also one of the quietest turbines of its size thanks to a constant speed blade rotation.
Av. Wind Speed Annual Energy Production (AEP)*
4 m/s 16,220 kWh
5 m/s 27,502 kWh
6 m/s 37,959 kWh
7 m/s 46,527 kWh

Gaia 133 Specification


  • Configuration Dual blade
  • Rated Power 11kW
  • Application Direct Grid Tie
  • Rotor Speed 56 RPM
  • Turbine Class 3
  • Cut In Wind Speed 3.5 m/s
  • Survival Wind Speed 52.5 m/s
  • Cutout Wind Speed 25 m/s (adjustable)


  • Rotor Diameter 13m
  • Blade Material Glass Fibre
  • Power Regulation Passive Stall Control


Brake & Safety Systems

  • Main Brake System Mechanical brake; activates both automatically and via manual override
  • Secondary System Centrifugally activated aerodynamic brakes built into the rotor tips
  • Automatic Shutdown triggered by High wind speeds, abnormal vibration, grid disconnection or overheating


  • Available Hub Heights 15m, 18m, 27m
  • Tower Type Monopole or Lattice Tower


  • Standard 5 Years
  • MCS Compliant Yes