Walton Wind

What We Do

We’re a company dedicated to the service & repair of renewable energy systems; onshore wind turbines in particular. We provide regular servicing, repairs and contract services to a variety of wind turbine systems including Gaia, Evoco, Proven, Evance and Bergey. Other comparable makes and models considered.

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Servicing & Repairs

Evoco: We have redesigned the blade root bearings and continue to improve the basic design to a position where we have a serviceable life of 3 or 4 years in most cases. Routine services are available on request or as part of a contract service agreement.  We also stock many second-hand parts from head swaps and replace/repair other components that improve the performance and reliability. We innovated early to be able to get the equipment onto remote sites or over sensitive cropping where even 4x4s have difficulty or cause unacceptable damage. We never leave a site as a result of difficult access.


Gaia/Ryse Energy: We have innovated equipment to make servicing of  Gaia’s easier, quicker and safer. We can transport blades quickly, economically and all the way to the turbine. We have improved the process equipment for changing out the generators, blades and foundation upgrades. A stock of parts is on hand and we have Gaia trained staff with climbing certificates.

We are quoting new installations for sites with a good and increasing on site demand as this turbine is economic without incentives in many cases.


SD Wind: We are an approved supplier of service and repairs for this turbine and its predecessors, Proven and Kingspan. With parts in stock we can offer an efficient service on remote sites.

We also offer this turbine as a head swap or new installation. It is a good producer and reliable on high wind sites.

Bergey: We are currently increasing our service and repairs to these turbines with the ability to raise and lower most tower models on remote sites.

Evance/Iskra and Zeres: We are currently increasing our service and repairs to these turbines with the ability to raise and lower most tower models on remote sites.


Head swaps

We have performed a substantial number of head swaps across a variety of towers and are looking at future possibilities. Evoco to Gaia or SD 6, C & F to Gaia and Hannevind to Gaia.

The advantages are usually better production, reduced service and repair costs, remote monitor and control, peace of mind, insurability and viability beyond the FIT period. Typically the turbines we offer will return profitably especially when the capital has been paid off within the FIT period.


Foundation bolt upgrades

The towers were originally mounted on the bolts with nuts under the flange to support and level the tower. Later this is grouted to enclose the bolts but it leaves the bolts subject to the fluctuating loads of compression and tension as the wind direction and strength varies.

To upgrade the foundations, we remove the lower nuts and make any repairs necessary. We then suspend the lower section level above the foundation and fill the gap with grout. On curing we tighten the bolts down such that they remain permanently under tension thus extending their fatigue life significantly.

This process is now recommended for all tubular towers and we can undertake this process with any tower and perform any repairs necessary as may be apparent through a scheduled ultrasonic bolt integrity check, normally done prior to the repair/upgrade.

Every head swap has had the foundation bolts upgraded to the latest recommended practice.



We continue to innovate and improve our service, performance and position in the market place. Here are some of our recent developments.

Quad bike to access even the most difficult sites with little damage to ground or crops. Wheel mounted cylinder saves time and eases the process of lowering the power.

Transportation of blades and swapping out using in house equipment.

Design of a safety post, handrail and saddle for the safer quicker access to extraneous parts of a turbine head.